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Posted By: hypress Wiring Can Lights - 07/04/05 01:12 AM
I am helping a friend wire their house and there is going to be 14+ slope can lights.
My question is can I use the junction box nn the side of the fixtures like a regular J box ? Run a feed to the fixture and run a switcg leg out or is the box just for wiring the fixture. .The fixtures are Lithonia LI6 desigened for 8" joice and there is no access from the top and they are going to be in a sheetrock ceiling. Also whwt do you think about the spring loaded wire connectors Lithonia supplies with the fixtures? Looks like a problem waiting to happen. I think i will use wire nuts instead. Some times neweris nit better. THANKS HYPRESS.
Posted By: Larry Fine Re: Wiring Can Lights - 07/04/05 02:29 AM
I've used plenty of the same cans (30 on one job), and I have had no problems with the push-ins.

Just as with any other recessed fixture, the junction box is accessible through the inside.

Oh, yes, the box can be used for junctions, but not without limit. 8 #12's (9 #14's) is the limit.
Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: Wiring Can Lights - 07/04/05 11:44 AM
As Larry pointed out you can do this and the wire connectors are fine. Now I have to ask why? Just run the feed to the switch box. The less work you have to overhead on a high ceiling the better. And if you should have a problem could you imagine having to go through 14 recessed fixture j boxes to find the feed. I would probably start a hunt for the person that did it!
Posted By: hypress Re: Wiring Can Lights - 07/04/05 12:23 PM
The lights are on a 3 waw switch and for me the best way to do 3 ways is to feed the fix hot take 2 wire to the 1st switch then 3wire between switches. As far as looking fof the guy who did it I have been there too it seems that no one in this area knows how to wire anymore. Now if I could learn to type and spell life would be grate.
Posted By: Larry Fine Re: Wiring Can Lights - 07/04/05 11:01 PM
I would like to suggest taking the feed via the white wire to the far 3-way switch, and returning via red and black travelers and then the black return leg.
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