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Posted By: LearJet9 Profile Systems? Ever heard of it? - 06/14/05 10:52 AM
Just wondering if anyone has ever hear of Profile Systems? It is supposed to be a "low cost" energy management system that we are being asked to install. Looking for anyone who may have installed this unit.
Posted By: LearJet9 Re: Profile Systems? Ever heard of it? - 06/16/05 02:41 PM
Well, I guess I got my answer. Not a popular product. I shall proceed to plan B.
Posted By: Tech-Home Re: Profile Systems? Ever heard of it? - 06/16/05 03:38 PM
I have worked with energy management systems for years in large commercial buildings. The complexity of the control requirements makes manufacturer tech support a critical factor in maintaining a system. The low cost approach could leave you or a building owner up a creek when you have a major issue, they always come along. I would reccomend one of the more well known systems, they could give you a lower cost step into it program.
Posted By: LearJet9 Re: Profile Systems? Ever heard of it? - 06/16/05 04:39 PM
Thanks Tech - I am already leery about this product. They [Mfg] are asking us to install their product, but are not giving us all of the details required to provide proper pricing. They are telling us how long the system takes to install and are trying to get us to offer pricing based ONLY on information they provide. That is a red light to us right off the top. Then I find, though I have searched, I am unable to locate any contractor who has heard of or installed this system!! Second red light. The mgf gave me a reference to contact but it turns out the reference is someone in their back yard. Not totally reliable and 3rd red light. I think we may pass on this unless I can get additional information, and that looks like a lost cause.
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