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Posted By: frenchelectrican Electricalknowage forum is close - 05/09/05 04:55 AM
Hello everyone here :

unforetaly i have bad news to tell you one of our forum called " Electrical Knowage " forum is closed and will not be open up at all until the owner pay up the forum fees but i will like to ask some of you members what you think to help to keep the Electrical Knowage forum alive i know few of us use that forum so..

please let us know

Many Thanks for your time

Merci, Marc

few other members will post few message here also thanks
Posted By: dougwells Re: Electricalknowage forum is close - 05/09/05 05:02 AM
Thanks Marc

The forum is temporary back up I think if you look in the business section ON EK there is further info.

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Many thanks for letting me know about this sistuation.

Merci, Marc

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There is a functional forum right here.
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