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Posted By: Tiger Phone Systems - 05/06/05 01:03 PM
I'm looking into phone systems for my business. I really like the feature of a recorded info-mercial when the call comes in, and when they are on hold. Does anyone know what type of system this is and where I can find it.

Posted By: mkoloj Re: Phone Systems - 05/06/05 01:41 PM
Music on Hold should be able to be connected to any system you are looking at.
It is just an audio player with a flash memory that you put a CD or cassette in and it stores the recording, loops it continously and it's output connects to the phone system.
Posted By: pauluk Re: Phone Systems - 05/08/05 10:40 PM
Be warned though -- You will alienate some of your callers with this approach. Many people really dislike being forced to listen to advertising before they can speak to a real human being.
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