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Posted By: Sandro Insulated Ferrules - 05/04/05 02:06 AM
Anybody know where I can find 22-26 guage Ferrules in Canada (preferably in Toronto area). I can easily get 20 guage and bigger, but having a hard time finding the smaller.
Posted By: winnie Re: Insulated Ferrules - 05/04/05 11:39 AM
McMaster-Carr is a great source for these sort of hard to find items. They carry insulated, non-insulated, and two wire insulated ferrules, and in fact I ordered these exact items a couple of weeks ago.

According to the McMaster-Carr 'Ordering Products' help page, they ship to Canada, and in fact will ship 'ground' at ground service rates, with _next day_ delivery to much of Canada.


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Posted By: electricman2 Re: Insulated Ferrules - 05/04/05 04:02 PM
I agree. McMaster-Carr often has hard to find items. They ship fast as well.
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