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Posted By: northstar

webmaster / Administrator - 04/30/05 12:58 AM

Im Just wondering. Under the names of the users in the forum. what makes someone a webmaster or administrator or mediator?
Im really am curious about this.
Posted By: Admin

Re: webmaster / Administrator - 04/30/05 01:43 AM


Webmaster is actually a user name here (like you're 'northstar'), but it also describes my role as Owner/Operator of this Website.

An Administrator has access and control of setup and functions in all areas of the Forum here. Moderators have access and control over at least one individual Forum area.

Posted By: northstar

Re: webmaster / Administrator - 04/30/05 11:46 AM

thanks for the explanations. by the way, great job on this site.
Posted By: Alan Belson

Re: webmaster / Administrator - 04/30/05 12:38 PM

Bill. What I like about the site and the Forums is the politeness, helpfullness and information I get from it, plus my wife or grandchildren could happily come here with no offence caused. I'm not a prude by any means, but theres a place for bad stuff and here it ain't! I like the moderators keeping threads on issue, and applying the occasional brake, such as when a thread started getting heated about guns and got closed. Plus the wit and laughter of course, and learning about the US, (always my favorite country since 60 years ago when we got food parcels from the GIs with boxes of powdered egg! I can still taste that stuff! Yum!)
Posted By: harold endean

Re: webmaster / Administrator - 04/30/05 08:42 PM


I have said this several times before on this board and I am more than happy to say it again. I have been on many boards over many years. This board has the most polite and concern bunch of people you will ever meet. Bill and Bob and all the rest of the moderators will go out of their way to make sure you get correct answer to the best of their ability. Everyone else who post messages here will answer politely and there are never any flamers here. If and when there is a mistake with the way someone posts an answer, we will all try not to throw fuel on the fire. Joe T. always has some great pictures to share with us and I love to find things like old parts to share with my fellow members. So stay around, don't be afraid to talk up, ask questions, (No one will bite your head off.) There are no dumb questions, so just ask us. GREAT JOB GUYS!
Posted By: iwire

Re: webmaster / Administrator - 04/30/05 09:00 PM

Thanks for the kind words Harold. [Linked Image]

The Webmaster is the Authority Having Jurisdiction. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Admin

Re: webmaster / Administrator - 04/30/05 09:13 PM

Thanks for the kind words Guys.


I couldn't agree more.
(Not sure about the powdered eggs though ... [Linked Image] )


You come up with some great oldtime stuff. I always look forward seeing what you come up with next.

Posted By: Alan Belson

Re: webmaster / Administrator - 04/30/05 10:07 PM

I thought the powdered egg might get a response! In an age of excess, with our worries about obesity, it's hard to imagine the British diet on our little fortress then. Here's a British adults ration PER WEEK in WW2. You had to present your Ration Book, with its rip out-tokens to get: 4oz bacon or ham, US 10 cents worth of scraggy meat, sausages not rationed but usually none, (reputed full of sawdust anyhow). Butter 2oz, Cheese 2oz, but an occasional convoy got lucky and 4oz might be had. Margarine 2oz. Cooking fat 4oz, (2oz in a bad week). Milk 2 or 3 pints. 1/4 packet dried milk. Sugar 8oz. 2oz of jam. Tea 2oz. Coffee, not then popular but usually adulterated with chicory, unsure of quantity. Bread and flour varied from lots to none. Fish not rationed, nor was liver, Pig's guts made into chitterlings (a sort of pressed 'ham'), Kidneys, Brawn (Pig's head pate), or 'faggots' made with lungs- not bad, surprisingly and still popular today! Eggs, 1 per week, sometimes 1 per fortnight (2 weeks). This is where the GIs came in! Sweets (candy)- I used to dream of candy!, 2oz, in theory. You could save up 'points' and luxuriate in a can of sardines or spam made out of whale meat, or be more conservative and get 8lb of dry split-peas. Youngsters got concentrated milk, had cod-liver oil shoved down their necks and concentrated (it was brown!) orange juice. We also 'Dug for Victory', growing potatoes, carrots etc. in the garden. We ate wild rabbits too. That powdered egg was so good, Ma hid the box! Clothes and most other stuff were also rationed, and I was a teenager in the mid 19-fifties before we returned to a semblance of a demand economy. Can you imagine the ABSOLUTE JOY of getting a whole Mars bar to stuff in your face, with no ugly sister wanting half? On your old bike, replete with chocolate, folded cigarette-packet clacking in the spokes as an 'engine' and singing Little Richard's
"Awampomaloomahabombamboom!" Sheer Bliss!
Posted By: Ryan_J

Re: webmaster / Administrator - 05/01/05 01:54 AM

Just a quick thanks from one of the moderators to everybody. Thanks everyone for making so easy to moderate this site. Once in a great while the moderators will E-mail each other to see what one another thinks about a particular topic/thread/post, as to whether or not it is appropriate. I would say that this occurs maybe 1 per every 1,500 posts. Thanks to everyone for moderating yourselves, it makes our job a very easy one [Linked Image]
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