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Posted By: Trumpy ECN In General - 04/29/05 04:50 PM
One thing that I must say that is a credit to Bill, the HUGE turnover of threads in here.
An example would be last weekend when I bumped the Friday Chat room thread up before I went to bed on Saturday morning (NZ time) at 2am.
At 8am the same morning, that same thread was about 10 threads down in the list and some of the threads above had more than one reply since I put my spoke in.
Since there was an article about ECN in ECM? (Bill could you please confirm that name), because of that or not(how many of you guys joined here because of that article?).
This site is a credit to all that use it and I'm thankfull for the whole thing not coming into disrepute.
IMO it's from the horses mouth here.
Posted By: iwire Re: ECN In General - 04/29/05 05:55 PM
The Magazine is EC&M. [Linked Image]

Mr. Addiss' Neighborhood
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: ECN In General - 04/29/05 07:42 PM
Trumpy, I have to give you a nod and a thumbs up.

I don't get here as often as I used to, nor as often as I like, due to a really tight schedule, and a few PC issues.

Mr Bill runs a very 'tight ship' and deserves a pat on the back. (& maybe a cold one, or two)

Always was a great site, and will remain thanks to the "CREW" and ALL THE MEMBERS, both new and veterans.


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Posted By: Ryan_J Re: ECN In General - 04/29/05 09:26 PM
Some good looking fellows in that article... [Linked Image]
Posted By: walrus Re: ECN In General - 04/29/05 09:41 PM
Thats a great article and it sums up this place pretty closely. I've learned alot here and hope to learn more. The fact that Bill and others keeps this place on topic makes it a great reference for anyone in the electical world. Thanks to all who contribute.
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: ECN In General - 04/30/05 08:57 PM
Some good looking fellows in that article...

I have to agree .... [Linked Image]

Thanks Guys,
[Linked Image]
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