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Posted By: GULFBC Residential Electrical Exam - 04/21/05 02:38 PM
I plan to take thr registered residential
exam through Experior next month here
in Northwest Florida. I wondered if anyone has taken this exam lately and could
recomend any courses available?? I need
a refresher on code and calculations
Posted By: highkvoltage Re: Residential Electrical Exam - 04/22/05 03:08 AM
I never taken the Florida test but the example annex D in the NEC can be used for review to take exam. I used it when I took my contractor test.
Posted By: Alan Nadon Re: Residential Electrical Exam - 04/22/05 05:35 PM
Check out Tom Henry's books & videos at or call them at 800-642-2633. They are located in Winter Park FL.
Posted By: GULFBC Re: Residential Electrical Exam - 04/25/05 09:02 PM
Thankyou for the info Alan N Tom Henry
refernces looks like a good source. I wonder
how much more difficult the unlimited
would be than the redidential elect exam??
Posted By: Alan Nadon Re: Residential Electrical Exam - 04/26/05 03:34 PM
The Experior (formerly known as Block) test has changed from the six hour 150 que.s to a four hour 100 que.s test. On the Master there is more about commercial calculations, motors, and Chapters 5 through 8.

Yes, there are questions about community cable systems, etc. I suggest that you take the residential and after passing it then take the Master. Many of the questions on the master are the same as on the residential.

I've been using Experior/Block to license electricans here since 1985. Although I already had a local license I took the test in 2000. I consider it a good credential that is recognized by many jurisdictions.

I used the Code-Electrical bookstore material to prepare for the test.

Good Luck. Alan
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