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Stallcup Question

Posted By: George Corron

Stallcup Question - 04/20/05 04:36 PM

Alright, a little help here.
Stallcup has, in one of his books, a question about cable bending in "L" "S", and "Z" configurations.

One of my former students now teaches code, and one of his was recently asked a question about cable bending radius based on the above configurations.

I've only been able to give it a few minutes but danged if I can find ANY code reference to it. I will look in Jim's books tonight, but anyone on this forum got a clue?
Posted By: Tom

Re: Stallcup Question - 04/20/05 09:07 PM

I don't know of any bending radius requirements for an individual conductor. Every cable article (MC, NM, etc) does have a limit on the minimum radius since you wouldn't be able to observe any damage done to the enclosed conducxtors.
Posted By: Redsy

Re: Stallcup Question - 04/20/05 09:12 PM


Try the commentary in the '02 Handbook on page 297.
Posted By: DougW

Re: Stallcup Question - 04/21/05 04:52 PM

Of course, I'm at the Fire Station with no Codebook, but IIRC aren't those different methods of routing a cable in a box to support it vertically?
Posted By: George Corron

Re: Stallcup Question - 04/21/05 11:33 PM

Thanks Redsy,
After looking at it, I really don't think that's it. The old vertical support methods would fit, but the question was specifically about terminations. I'm going to have to look in Jim's old "Designing Electrical Systems" to see if there's a clue in there.

Thanks for your help guys, I'll let you know if I find anything concrete in case you run across it.
Posted By: highkvoltage

Re: Stallcup Question - 04/22/05 03:04 AM

Flexible Conduit
Chapter 9 Table 2 Column Other bends.

AC Cable 320.24
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