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Posted By: nov wire tracer - 04/12/05 10:27 AM
I have the option to buy a Amprobe AT-2005 advanced wire tracer kit. It is in great shape hardly used. The cost would be 530.00 dollars, Just wanted some thoughs on weather it was worth it or not I know they retail for around 1000.00
Posted By: LK Re: wire tracer - 04/12/05 04:52 PM

I have used this one, and had good results,
Posted By: e57 Re: wire tracer - 04/12/05 10:51 PM
Great deal if it all works and all there!

Even if you rarely have a use for it, a good thing to have around.... When you do have a use for it.

It has some features that a lesser equiped unit wont have new at that price.
Posted By: nov Re: wire tracer - 04/13/05 01:04 AM
Is the amprobe model as good or better than other brands out there greenlee, sperry, ect
Posted By: e57 Re: wire tracer - 04/14/05 12:44 AM
Our shop has an older Amprobe, built to last, it has to be almost 20 years old, top of its line for the day, but works great. And some people consider thier meters better than Fluke.

Greenlee has some lower end product lines in this type of thing IMO, and some slightly better ones that got bought up when they aquired Tempo. Sperry I have never used.....

This particular model, I dont know, but Amprobe has a very good reputation, for this type of thing.
Posted By: Scott35 Re: wire tracer - 04/14/05 06:44 AM
I have an older model (circa 1996), and it works absolutely great!!!

Would suggest it to anyone.

BTW, it cost $800.00 new, in 1996.

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