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Posted By: JFLS41 Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 12:24 AM
Anyone care to comment on taking service calls in areas where it is known for shootings, drugs, murders, etc... my wife is harping on me about accepting work in these types of areas. I told her I would be sent out there anyway if I worked for someone else so it doesn't matter. Plus I will be taking my Smith & Wesson 9mm with me for extra security. Don't think I will take it into the house but hide it in cab of truck, just in case I am attacked like Reginald Denny was. (Yes, I have concealed carry permit)

My wife said I need to be careful cause sometimes people call service people to come to their home and when their away from their truck it is getting robbed. I had planned on driving through the area tommorrow morning before I call and tell him I'm there and will look at the work that needs done, if I don't feel comfortable I will leave.

Posted By: Joey D Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 12:58 AM
Why carry a gun and leave it in the truck? Keep it on you, thats what it's for.

The best thing to do is get there early, 7am and be out by 1pm. Most of these losers who would be looking to give you problems are non working up all night party animals so you will catch them sleeping.
Posted By: Peter Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 12:59 AM
I know of a plumber who kept a Doberman Pincher in his truck.
Posted By: e57 Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 01:21 AM
There is some conflict here....

"Don't think I will take it into the house but hide it in cab of truck"

"when their away from their truck it is getting robbed."

Before I say anything else, if you take it, keep it on you! Nothing like someone saying "Oh my gun got stolen." You'll have a hard time saying that to whoever gets shot with it, which might be you, if you walk out while they are in the act.

Now... I need to say something for record, just to put it out there. I grew up in and around all white housing projects around Boston. I only say that, because it is NOT race. It is poverty, and desparation that makes those neighborhoods bad. And its obvious to the punks/dogs on the street when someone comes in from outside to those neighborhoods. Not for any other reason that they can sense the fear in people from outside, and see it as disrespect in a short calculation. So if you don't feel comfortable going there - don't go!

I have also worked in some really harsh areas of SF, and E.Oakland CA in my service work days. And people really appreciate the fact that you even came out. They know many people wouldn't bother parking the truck, after having a crowd of 17 year old kids mob around thier truck saying, "Check out the Cracker, he's lost!" They may have had other guys turn around and not even call back. It doesn't phase me because I have 30 different answers for that. And when I get to the address, half the time it is some older couple, and they'll post a nephew or someone to watch my truck for me. Did work for a church in E.Oakland, and they posted a kid at my truck for 3 days, after having a bunch of other contractors never show up. I didn't even ask.... But if you want, call your customer, and say, "Hey, no disrespect, but its kind of a rough area, do you mind having someone keep an eye on my truck while I check out the job?"
Posted By: JCooper Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 01:22 AM
Morning is the best time to work in the bad areas, we did a job in the Hoboken projects in jersey and it was very peaceful and quite until about 1 in the afternoon.
Posted By: GovtVoltage Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 01:24 AM
I agree with the early morning comment...the *******s are sleeping most of the morning........but get out by lunchtime.
Posted By: e57 Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 01:30 AM
Oh, good point on starting early..... Junkies are on the way to crash at 7:30!
Posted By: JFLS41 Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 03:19 AM
I agree with taking the weapon on my person. I am a little apprehensive about wearing it in a holster tucked inside my belt under a loose shirt. Having an elderly gentleman notice it might alarm him, then again, he might fully understand too. The only problem in PA is it is a state you are required by law to retreat if someone is breaking into your car. The only exception is your home or workplace, you are not required to retreat the. I say, BS, I am not going to stand by and watch some thugs rip me off while I wait for the police.
Posted By: LK Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 04:27 AM
Yes in PA you need protection, I had a break-in there, and the police got there pretty quick, it only took 1 1/2 hours to get there, after that i called my neighbor, he offered to come with his friend Mr Forty Four.
Posted By: CanadianSparky Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 04:33 PM
I cannot believe all this gun talk....even in the worst areas of any major city in Canada Im sure there isnt an electrician out there who has ever thought about carrying a gun. Sorry guys Im just in awe by this.
Posted By: Joey D Re: Working in Bad Neighborhoods... - 04/09/05 05:55 PM
There is nothing wrong with carring a gun. Guns are not bad they cause no harm, it's the person shooting it. It is just another tool that you may need to carry for years without ever using it but when the time comes you will be glad you did.
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