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Posted By: nov clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 04:38 AM
I am looking to buy a new digital amp meter and just wanted to get some info on your favorites. I have been using an analog amprobe for years never had any problems with it but just wanted to upgrade. Fluke, amprobe, greenlee, extech?
Posted By: BobH Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 05:19 AM
Alaways been a fluke guy myself. True rms for commercial work.
Posted By: Trumpy Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 05:37 AM
I have to say I'm tarred with that brush too!. [Linked Image]
Fluke or nothing.
Posted By: capt al Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 01:51 PM
Nov, I'm like BobH & Trumpy. Fluke is what I use. Had other brands in my younger days, but all I have now is Fluke Products. Their repair service is very good and fast.

Posted By: NJwirenut Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 03:08 PM
Yet another Fluke user here.

I already had a good Fluke DMM (model 87), so I just added a clamp-on current probe to it (model 80I-400).
Posted By: livetoride Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 03:44 PM
I just bought an Ideal because of the display on the bottom so far it seems to work ok and it is easy to read the display. Rod
Posted By: Dave55 Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 05:25 PM
I have a Fluke Model 337 and have been very happy with it.

Posted By: nov Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 05:35 PM
ok looks like fluke I have an older model 23 DDM that I have had no problems with. Now to choose between true rms or not. I am looking at the model 322 or model 335 (true rms and backlit)
Posted By: Roger Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 05:49 PM
I own an Amprobe, Fluke, and Ideal and all are good meters IMO.

If I needed to buy one right now I'd look into an Ideal with the bottom read out like Rod has.

Posted By: luckyshadow Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 06:34 PM
I use my Fluke products most of the time. I will never do away with my analog amprobe multimeter ! Digital is good but keep in mind they are very sensitive to stray currents and will give readings on "ghost" currents. Thats when I double check with the old trusty dusty analog amprobe.
Posted By: Dave55 Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 07:53 PM
I use a wiggy for the same purpose.

Posted By: renosteinke Re: clamp on amp meter - 04/03/05 11:29 PM
Gee, guys, I hate to be the odd man out- but here goes!

I own a Fluke- one of the most accurate, according to the Fluke rep. Generally, I never use it.

I prefer to use a meter made by Fieldpiece- who caters to the HVAC market, and makes Ideal's meters. This slim "stick" meter has a variety of slip-on accessory heads, including an amp-clamp and a "true RMS" attachment. You can also use leads to get the clamp into tight spaces, while you hold the display in your hand.

One feature that some of the newer meters have is a back-lit display. I'd love to have one of those!
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