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Fire alarm school

Posted By: BobH

Fire alarm school - 04/02/05 02:31 PM

N.Y requires anyone installing or servicing fire or burglar alarms to be certified. I tried contacting the State to find out what schools they accept as accredited and of course, once again, no response from the state. Does anyone here know where there may be training programs available that are accepted by NYS? I know it's a long shot but figured I'd ask anyway.
Posted By: hbiss

Re: Fire alarm school - 04/02/05 04:40 PM

I don't do any of that work but NYBFA (New York Burgler and Fire Alarm Association comes to mind. Google it, they should have the info you want.

Posted By: e57

Re: Fire alarm school - 04/02/05 06:52 PM

Not sure if it accepted there, but try NICET.
Posted By: BobH

Re: Fire alarm school - 04/02/05 08:02 PM

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