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Posted By: AJA 3 Phase Generators - 03/10/05 02:11 PM
I have an engine drive 22kw induction 3 phase generator, commercially made, which will not generate any voltage. It has been flashed while turning at rated speed and above with 12 and 24 vdc without results. The generator has been removed for the engine and been flashed with the 12 vdc which has pulled the rotor to the field coils. After assembly the unit still does not produce voltage. All help is appreciated.
Posted By: George Corron Re: 3 Phase Generators - 03/11/05 01:38 PM
A little more info would help, there are several ways to make a field. If flashing your field does not produce a voltage, you likely have a bad set of diodes, or something broken/burned in the field. If you've got brushes - replace 'em THEN flash. Is there a fuse in the exciter you missed?
Posted By: IanR Re: 3 Phase Generators - 03/11/05 01:43 PM
May seem like a stupid suggestion but, have you buzzed the windings? I know checking for continuity seems pretty basic but hey gotta look at all scenarios.
Posted By: IanR Re: 3 Phase Generators - 03/11/05 01:47 PM
You din't say but have you verified that the exiter is operating correctly or at all?
Posted By: AJA Re: 3 Phase Generators - 03/14/05 12:29 PM
The engine speed has be verified by two difference instruments. The windings provided the correct curve form on a scope. The rotor is laminated material and has no exciter circuit/no diodes. There were no capacitors with the unit.
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