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Posted By: Haligan Who patches your drywall after? - 03/05/05 02:38 AM
After old work trenching of walls and ceilings, who patches the drywall?

A. Me or underling.
B. I know a guy
C. Homeowner
D. Sub-contractor
E. Other

Who paints?

I'm asking because I'm part of a general contractor crew that has several people who are very good at matching textures. I can patch holes smoothly, but to match some of those exotic textures takes experience. Those trowling guys have so much more experience and have experimented with all kinds of mixes and compounds.
We're always doing remodels so everything is old work. And the home theater thing... LOTS of TRENCHING!
Posted By: Dave55 Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/05/05 02:58 AM
I patch within 1/8" myself and tell them they need a decorator to finish it. I refer them to a good decorator if they don't know one. Let's face it, it's a different trade.

Posted By: u2slow Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/05/05 02:59 AM
Its not really old-work, but we do get late changes on new projects.

We always try to not be responsible for wall patching, but usually compromise and re-board the holes, then let the wall trades take care of the rest.

If I'm doing the work, I make sure the piece I cut out will be easy to put back in again. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Tom Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/05/05 03:18 PM
I never take on drywall patching or painting.

If you're working in an older building with plaster walls, you would be wise to exclude any damage done to the plaster for any reason. I've run into some really rotten stuff where 1/2 the wall came down while cutting in an outlet box.

Posted By: JCooper Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/05/05 04:22 PM
We have a clause in our contract that patching and painting is not our problem, no matter what the cause.
Posted By: Attic Rat Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/06/05 01:46 AM
... If it's sheetrock that I had to cut for a hand hole,I either keep the piece I cut out,then when done,I put a piece of furring strip behind it,and screw the cut piece to it..(to me,it's better than just leaving a hole in the wall,and it usually looks alittle neater)then I tell them it's up to them to have it spackled over and painted,or I put in a plastic single gang old work box,and put a white blank plate on it,..if esthetics is not a concern.I can't spackle to save my own hide, I refer a good dry-waller that I know,or usually the H.O. has their own..

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Posted By: Trumpy Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/06/05 03:02 AM
Generally there's a rule in EC work over here:
You broke it, you fix it yourself or pay someone that can [Linked Image]
Posted By: Redogs54 Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/06/05 12:35 PM
We typically avoid any repairs other than replacing a small piece of drywall we have removed. Finish and paint is always completed by others. I will let the customer know this in advance if there is to be sheetrock removal and let them know that I know a number of subcontractors that I can refer if they do not have or know of someone to do the repairs.
Posted By: golf junkie Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/06/05 05:03 PM
We always try to negoiate patch and paint on the front side.

We will do it if we have to, but generally we're not that good at it and prefer not to do it.
Posted By: dmattox Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/06/05 07:24 PM
Just like we dont wan't plumbers doing electrical work, electricians shouldn't be doing patch work. I have seen some gawd awful service upgrade patches done by electricians.

We leave the patching to the professionals, which lets us focus on what we are good at.
Posted By: Steve Miller Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/07/05 11:37 AM
I used to patch (never paint). Then I realized that a 3rd grader with a wad of clay could do a better job. Now I tell the HO that I can replace the piece (just like attic rat describes) but leave the patching for them.
Posted By: Haligan Re: Who patches your drywall after? - 03/07/05 06:02 PM
Well I'm relieved to hear I'm not the only one who's not a Michelangelo of Drywall.

I patch, but I don't beautify. I like the idea of getting it squared away while speccing the job.

I'm running low on furring strips. I need to go visit the carpenter's scrap pile.
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