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Posted By: rknikko Temp pole - 02/23/05 07:57 PM
Are they any companies out there that specialize in only installing temporary pole for electrician to install their temporary service for new construction site? Is there a term for these companies?
Posted By: Dave55 Re: Temp pole - 02/23/05 10:37 PM
My Poco book lists a 6"X6" pole (braced) as acceptable, so I'm guessing the problem isn't the pole, but the HOLE? If that's the case try a landscaper, or fence builder, or whoever does your trenching.

Posted By: highkvoltage Re: Temp pole - 02/23/05 11:04 PM
Posthole Digger Inc. Unless you need a large pole over 25' you can set them by hand.
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Temp pole - 02/24/05 02:37 AM
'We do 'temp' poles (2 or 3 2X6's) 20' (3-4' in hole) which is acceptable by our two POCO's. The hole is the hard part, but a two man post hole digger (rented) helps.

We use a pole contractor to set 'normal' wood poles. Lamplighter Electric in Morris County, as that's his "thing" with the digger derrick truck. We do light poles up to 40' with our bucket truck; taller ones use a rental crane.

Posted By: sandsnow Re: Temp pole - 02/24/05 03:37 PM
Here in CA we have companies that specialize in temp power for construction sites and other temp wiring. Also some companies do complete construction rentals including temp poles, porta potties, offices and fencing. Try looking under construction rentals in the phonebook.
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