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Posted By: sierra electrician Generac Home Stand-by - 02/13/05 03:23 AM
Has anyone ever installed a remote Start/Stop on these units.
Its a Generac 7kW Air Cooled unit with ATS/Load Center.
HO is old and can't make it to the Gen set to set to the Off position. Her gen ran 7 days straight and sucked her propane tank dry during the last outage.
I am wanting to install a switch at the ATS which is located inside her house. I've poured the schematics and can't determine if this can be done. The only option I can see is tieing into the HOA at the Gen and extending into the house. This is not a job I want to do because of the time it will take to recrawl under the house. This was not a easy feat the first tome around.

Posted By: mhulbert Re: Generac Home Stand-by - 02/13/05 03:40 AM
I'm not srue on this specific unit, but most gennies w/ an ats have a simple contact closure to start the engine. So if you tie in at the transfer switch, you should be able to do a HOA switch there.

Maybe the Generac system is different, I've never used on.

Good Luck
Posted By: sierra electrician Re: Generac Home Stand-by - 02/13/05 03:42 AM
Yes, they are different they utilize a 4 wire start loop and it feeds into the PCB on the Gen.

Posted By: rhiphi Re: Generac Home Stand-by - 02/13/05 01:22 PM
try calling the tech line and ask them
every time i call them they are very helpful
Posted By: trekkie76 Re: Generac Home Stand-by - 02/13/05 08:24 PM
You cant mess with the factory wiring at all on the generator, transfer, any of it. It will void the warranty. You could extend the 15 and 17 wires and work it, but if there is a problem with say the PCB, you cant claim it on the warranty. It ran for 7 days because there was no power? Is the customer just trying to conserve fuel? Another thing, its going to be very hard to get any more wires in the whip from the trans switch. none of the control wires in there will help you, unless you want to control the coils in the transfer switch. Hope that helped some.
........i may have found something for you, there is a terminal board on the generator with 178and 183, this is a remote start contact. should be able to use that for what you want, without altering the factory wiring. now, you just have to get two more control wires through that flex...

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Posted By: sierra electrician Re: Generac Home Stand-by - 02/18/05 01:44 AM
Trekkie 76
I had found the terminals you metioned on a PDF from Generac. Do these terminals on newer units? There are two different documents one ends with -0 the other ends with -1, I was figuring that one doc is pre 2000 and the other being post 2000.
This gen is about 70mi away so I'm trying to get all the info I need before I return.

Thanks for all your help.

This board needs a spell check.
Posted By: Steve Miller Re: Generac Home Stand-by - 02/18/05 11:51 AM
Last one we did, we did wireless. Installed a series stop switch ahead of the factory stop switch. low voltage xfmr and NC timed relay worked fine. placed the receiver under the housing of the geny for weather protection and the xmitter runs on 9v battery. They push button, NC opens and geny stops. The timed relay stays latched (open in our case) for whatever time we set it for then releases. We set it for 30 seconds to give the xfer switch time to sense the loss of emer power and presence of POCO power and do it's thing. One big thing we had was a xfer setup that, once it lost power to the run loop, would not restart without a start pulse; otherwise it would restart or just sit there with the ignition switch open forever. Wasn't difficult to do and the best part is that nobody can figure out what we did so we now do the annual service which consists of changing batteries and testing xmitters. Kinda like job security. Yeah I know ... that's tacky.
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