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Posted By: Pat@Amber Pulseworx Anyone? - 01/28/05 12:03 AM
Just talked to a new customer who is interested in a new lighting control technology called Pulseworx.
I believe it is something like the X-10 but uses data transmission over the power cables to control lights and devices.
I took a quick scan back through a few pages here, but did not find any comments on this system.
Has anybody used these products yet and what were your experiences with them?
Thanks in advance for any replies!

Posted By: bandb12 Re: Pulseworx Anyone? - 01/29/05 12:34 AM
Haven't tried 'em, but found this info...

Seems interesting...
Posted By: Dnkldorf Re: Pulseworx Anyone? - 01/29/05 12:48 AM
Interesting Pat,

I have yet to install one of these, or the X-10.
Funny thing is I have uninstalled 2 homes that were wired with this stuff. Both homeowners thought that it was neat to have and had it installed. Both had software problems with their units and less than 1 year later wanted them ripped out.

Any one else do this?
Posted By: Pat@Amber Re: Pulseworx Anyone? - 01/29/05 01:46 AM
I've ripped out one X-10 system myself, but was hoping this Pulseworx stuff is as reliable as their website claims.
Thanks for responding.

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