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Posted By: Sparks30

Electric Basebard - 01/07/05 11:57 PM

Does any know how to calculate the ize per room. Say 12x14 ft. Thanks
Posted By: Crowbar

Re: Electric Basebard - 01/08/05 12:11 AM

Rule of thumb is 10 watts per sq foot of floor area, based on an 8 foot ceiling height. 12 x 14 room is 168 sq ft, so that would be 1.68 kw. one foot of baseboard heat is typically 250 watts, so that would be 6.72 feet (have to round up of course) of baseboard heat required.
Posted By: Sparks30

Re: Electric Basebard - 01/08/05 12:53 AM

Thanks i have only replaced existing nerver install new.
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