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electricians toolbox. com

Posted By: hypress

electricians toolbox. com - 12/28/04 02:02 AM

Does anyone on this site ever go to electricians It seems like a nice site but it doesent look like anyone is keeping it up or at least the tricls of the trade portion.
Last week or so I was reading about adding a tel and low voltage form on this site what about a ideas that work or tricks of the trade board on this site. If you could do this please include the posting date like the other forms so we can tell whats new .
Posted By: DougW

Re: electricians toolbox. com - 12/28/04 05:11 AM

I offered to mod the tricks of the trade section after submitting some things that never got posted - and seeing the "new" tips... for may, IIRC.

The site owner said thanks, but no thanks.

Oh well. Can't blame a guy for trying. Hey, is how I found this site!
Posted By: mj

Re: electricians toolbox. com - 12/28/04 10:46 PM

it is a good site. I have used it several times to take the code quiz exams... someone needs to update it for the 2005 nec
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