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Traffic Signals

Posted By: Theelectrikid

Traffic Signals - 12/18/04 02:13 PM

I have a question, how would you guys wire a regular three section traffic signal? The lights have a terminal block in the yellow section that I would like to keep, considerng that all wiring from the block to the light sockets is aluminum. If you say four-conductor cable, tell me where to find it besides online and PENNDOT's office. None of the lights are permanent. Diagrams would be helpful, but not necessary.

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Posted By: hypress

Re: Traffic Signals - 12/18/04 02:50 PM

The wiring to the sockets is probably tin plated copper mot aluninum. Traffic signal cable is manufactured to IMSA standards and for a 3 section head you would a cable with a RED for red ball YELLOW for yellow ball GREEN for green ball. WHITE for common if there is an green arrow for left turn it would be on a BLACK.At this time i cannot remember what color a yellow left turn arrow is fed with. remember that in the wiring going io the signal head that green is power to the green ball (indication) NOT GROUND.
Posted By: hypress

Re: Traffic Signals - 12/18/04 02:55 PM

To buy signal cable try Clifford of Vermont
Posted By: ComputerWizKid

Re: Traffic Signals - 12/18/04 03:49 PM

I have a newer LED Traffic siginal with a Brown wire fir the Hot to the green. It has a 4 postiion terminal block wire order red yellow brown and the neutrals all under the last screw that then goes to my sequecer a T3 from lights to go .com and that goes to a 3 wire orange cord


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Posted By: Bjarney

Re: Traffic Signals - 12/18/04 10:35 PM


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Posted By: Theelectrikid

Re: Traffic Signals - 12/25/04 02:48 AM

Okay, thanks for the help so far guys.
But, how would you wire one with three single-pole toggle switches, and some 14AWG Stranded red, blue, black, white, and green wire?
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