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Posted By: hypress Liquid tite in high temp enviroment - 12/05/04 10:55 PM
We are installing some new controls on a large boiler in a power house.These controls are on the boiler front and the raident heat from the boiler makes the seal tite brittle after about 2 years.Wiring on the old controls terminated in the control on a terminal strip .The new controls terminate with a military connector that has a 1/2" seal tite connector on the cable side. Is there a high temp seal tite that will last in this enviroment. THANKS HYPRESS
Posted By: Bjarney Re: Liquid tite in high temp enviroment - 12/06/04 03:12 AM
Possibly Electriflex Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit High/Low Temp Type – ATX rated 150°C with recommended T&B high-temp connectors
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