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Posted By: BigB bonding a jacuzzi tub - 12/01/04 01:08 AM
I have a customer with an existing hydromassage tub. The pump and motor are located outdoors, next to the bathroom wall. It is a GFCI protected, dedicated circuit. The piping is plastic. A home inspector says the pump motor needs to be bonded. There is no other metal in the motor area except for the GFCI enclosure. Does this installation need to be bonded? And to what? The main panel? The motor is already grounded via the circuit grounding conductor. My code book is at home, where I'll be in an hour. Meanwhile I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Brian
Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: bonding a jacuzzi tub - 12/01/04 01:40 AM
If all the piping (water supply included) is plastic sounds like there is no piping to bond. I would bond the gfci enclosure to the motor. The motor is bonded to the panel through the egc.
Posted By: BigB Re: bonding a jacuzzi tub - 12/01/04 02:41 AM
Thanks Scott, thats just what I'll do.
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