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Posted By: tomselectrc advice? - 11/30/04 02:14 PM
here is the situation,Im a new contractor and one of my guy's is ready to take his jourenymans test. We work together at for 3 years before i started my own. Unfortonatly my boss(god rest his soul) passed away suddenly.All his hours were doumented,but never noterised.Here in michigan thats reqired.He has four aprentis cards regesterd with the state.We have a meeting with the board soon.I was wondering if anybody had any advice or help? It would be ashame for him to lose all those houres.
Posted By: earlydean Re: advice? - 11/30/04 02:22 PM
Can't you have the cards notarized? A notary public just puts his seal on a statement that the person before him has sworn that the info is true.
Posted By: watthead Re: advice? - 11/30/04 02:38 PM
Dig him up and take him to the closest notary. Just be sure to cover the hole while you are gone so as not to take on any additional liability. It might be best to do this at night. I just couldn't resist this one earlydean and mean no harm. For what it's worth I would rely on the board to do the right thing in this situation.
Posted By: SolarPowered Re: advice? - 11/30/04 05:40 PM
Do I understand correctly that you were working with him during that time? If so, perhaps you can sign for his time, and have your own signature notorized. What, exactly, are the requirements for who has to sign for the time?
Posted By: Anonymous Re: advice? - 11/30/04 08:36 PM
I would think that someone,wife or family member, had to close out his business affairs and would possibly have power of attorney to sign for him.
Posted By: hbiss Re: advice? - 11/30/04 09:44 PM
Power of attorney "dies" with the person it covers.

Posted By: Anonymous Re: advice? - 11/30/04 10:19 PM
I did not realize that. Will post a related topic in the business section and set an appointment to see my attorney in the very near future regarding this!
Posted By: mustangelectric Re: advice? - 11/30/04 11:37 PM
Maybe you can get a copy of the weekly paycheck STUB and/or W2 and turn that in?

Social security can verify wages.

I would try and document everything if possible.

They might give it to him based on his effort to prove the hours!

Hope that helps.

Good luck!


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Posted By: tomselectrc Re: advice? - 12/01/04 06:27 PM
we have all the w2 when he worked . I hope the board does the right thing it would be ashame to lose all thoses houres! I'll let you know what happens we are going friday.
Posted By: tomselectrc Re: advice? - 12/01/04 06:32 PM
the master he works under is the one that has to sign.when he worked with me there i was still o journeyman.
Posted By: tomselectrc Re: advice? - 12/03/04 06:49 PM
well guy's just got back from the board meeting.The state did the right thing and ask for W2's and all the paperwork noterised. It was a very good day leanrd alot.The borad was fare and polite,and seemed consernd. sorry for the spelling. wanted to let you guy know.
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