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Posted By: Redsy Burglar Alarm work? - 11/25/04 03:28 AM
I was asked to install a burglar alarm in a small (600 sq. ft.) building used for office work.
2 rooms with occupancy detectors, phone interface, and a key pad.
Anyone do much of this? Is it worth getting into?

Posted By: hbiss Re: Burglar Alarm work? - 11/25/04 03:38 AM
I have never considered it profitable unless you do these on a regular basis. Consider also that some states require a separate license for security work and you will need to hook up with a central monitoring company to monitor the systems you install. I doubt any will want to talk to you for one or two systems a year.

Posted By: Joey D Re: Burglar Alarm work? - 11/27/04 11:02 PM
You also need additional issurance coverage. I have it and the lic. and it is not expensive
Posted By: BigB Re: Burglar Alarm work? - 11/28/04 04:08 AM
My insurer does not cover me for any alarm work, it was specifically noted and I had to initial it.
I intend on calling them to ask how much more alarm coverage would be, mostly for smokes. I figured it would be high.
Posted By: Steve Miller Re: Burglar Alarm work? - 11/29/04 11:42 AM
On my full time job as an electrician for a county school board I am the "alarm guy". I spend most of my day tracking down and repairing BA and FA probs. What I can't solve we have alarm contractors we call. HOWEVER; I also do side work. I am licensed and insured. Here's the killer ... my policy specifically forbids BA and FA work unless I buy a rider to cover it. That policy costs as much as my $1M general liability policy (there are no other limitations on my policy). I called Safeco (the business insurance carrier) to ask why. Apparently BA & FA work fall under the "everybody sues everybody for everything" & "everybody looks for somebody to blame" practices even more so than normal work.
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