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Posted By: detubbs ATTENTION Megawatt - 11/22/04 10:34 PM
"I have the National Electrical Estimator, & it is fairly easy to use, & resonably allows you to change any of the prices, & has the ability to enter mark-up for different catagories.
Comes with a CD & a paperback book.
I've found their labor estimates (for time required) to be very close, & their material prices seem to be a little higher than I find here in Kentucky."

Where did you get this program? what was the cost? does it have "everything" as far as materials or do ya hafta fudge everynow and then? i saw that in accubid (3000$+), when you select "conduit" it takes into account for couplers/screw/hangers/etc. for every stick. i've been using a free sample of "BidforBuild" to try and get a rough labor idea.
Posted By: Electric Ian Re: ATTENTION Megawatt - 11/23/04 01:46 AM
Posted By: detubbs Re: ATTENTION Megawatt - 11/23/04 02:00 AM
thanks IAN! have you experianced this program? do you know how big of jobs you can estimate with it?
Posted By: Electric Ian Re: ATTENTION Megawatt - 11/24/04 01:01 AM
I have used it a few times but for fairly small jobs so I really couldn't say for sure what it's limitations are. I would think however that it can be used for large jobs as the program basically allows you to create a list of material to be used for a job and assigns a cost for the material and associates a quantity of time to each unit of material. For example, say you are going to install 120 feet of EMT, it would assign the cost of the EMT at say $6/unit (1 unit = 10 ft length) and say 1 hour labor per unit for installation. You can set the hourly rate so say you have it set for $50/hr. In this example the estimate would be (12units*$6/unit=$96 for material) + (12units* 1hr/unit*$50/hr=$600 for labor)= Total Estimate for material + Labor = $696. I've made up the numbers here but you hopefully this gives you the general idea of how it works.
Posted By: Electric Ian Re: ATTENTION Megawatt - 11/24/04 01:09 AM
Oh, I think I left a dash "-" out of the link above. Try this instead
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