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connection of cooking equipment

Posted By: sockets

connection of cooking equipment - 11/08/04 01:14 AM

What is the usual connection method of commercial cooking equipment in the center of a room. When there is no kneewall.

I saw one example where the wires were in a tubelike flex conduit, which looked strange to me. Perhaps it was temporary or a replacement of equipment required rerouting of power? Odd, what's your opinions?
Posted By: go fetch

Re: connection of cooking equipment - 11/08/04 03:52 AM

power poles, tend to work well
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: connection of cooking equipment - 11/08/04 04:01 AM

Stub-ups, if possible; power poles, or RGC/IMC ceiling to floor flance, with a tee, or box, as required.

If the equip can be cord connected, a suitable cord/twistlock and ceiling mounted receptacle works.

Some fast food ops have a 'cord drop' with matching twistlocks, or pin-sleeve devices.
(Let's not debate cord usage here guys)

Posted By: chimo

Re: connection of cooking equipment - 11/08/04 02:03 PM

As someone who worked in fast-food (yikes!) for years, go with the ceiling drop cords. We had those, the floor junction boxes, & the poles. The floor boxes provide a fantastic fireworks display when mopping, and both pole & floor boxes are easily destroyed when moving equipment around. We finally installed ceiling drops with (quick disconnects?) - they were the only reliable & safe connection.
Posted By: sockets

Re: connection of cooking equipment - 11/08/04 10:22 PM

The kitchen had an original build date of 1980, do you suppose it had any equipment replacements?

It was the standard seen equipment all under a canopy hood.
Posted By: Active 1

Re: connection of cooking equipment - 11/09/04 12:04 AM

For taller equipment like the stand up friges I like the twist rec on the cieling. Strut mounted to the floor and structure with a pipe and a bell box. It can be solid but they are limited to making adjustments to equip. locations. It tame more time to do. If you get some place that gets what ever used eqipment that is on special it's not the best chioce. Before your done they will have replaced the bad equipment with something different. I like the SO twist cord idea. More flexable in layout.

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