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Posted By: Wirenuttt inspector gone AF crazy - 10/31/04 11:38 PM
We have an electrician who bought 5 murray 15 amp arc fault CBs from us that failed during inspection. So good guys that we are ran down with 5 new ones, once again they failed. One more time and last time we ran down with another 5 AFs. This time it failed but we brought our own arc fault tester. Apparently the inspector decided to buy some cheap piece of junk tester that didn't work. So our reply to the inspector was, why don't you throw that piece of junk away and buy a real one from us, and btw, your not gonna charge the guy for a reinspection are you??!!

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Posted By: earlydean Re: inspector gone AF crazy - 11/01/04 12:14 AM
Check with UL, the only test required is to push the test button. Any other test is not required.
Posted By: e57 Re: inspector gone AF crazy - 11/01/04 01:10 AM
I too will second that, and on another thread somewhere I posted a link to that article on the UL site. Although it would be an easy search for "Arc Fault test method".
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