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Posted By: OreElect afc systems - 10/22/04 05:31 AM

Anyone using afc systems?
Posted By: Ron Re: afc systems - 10/22/04 01:36 PM
In leiu of EMT, I sometimes permit the use of the MC product.
Posted By: electure Re: afc systems - 10/24/04 11:52 AM
If you're talking about the modular lighting systems, yes, we use them often. They're great for initial installations, but can be quite the bummer if you need to modify them in the future.

We use lots of their MC cable also, as they've got a big part of the market share here in SoCA. (& A warehouse right down the street from me).

Anybody buying EMT at the Home Depot out here is also buying their product...Allied Tube.
Posted By: OreElect Re: afc systems - 10/24/04 06:35 PM

Device assembles.
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