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Aladdin Light Lift

Posted By: OreElect

Aladdin Light Lift - 09/29/04 04:18 AM

I just installed 2 Alladin light lifts today.
Was wondering if anyone has had any problems with Alladin products or with the circuit plate connector.
Posted By: OreElect

Re: Aladdin Light Lift - 09/29/04 04:27 AM
Posted By: Joey D

Re: Aladdin Light Lift - 09/29/04 11:44 AM

I have installed them and never a problem. Are you troubleshooting one? Or just looking for info?
Posted By: richard

Re: Aladdin Light Lift - 09/29/04 11:43 PM

I have installed a few, and I don't have anything bad to say about them, but something to know about , is that there is an extra set of contacts for the low voltages controls,(as I found out after one set went bad) Idon't know what failed, but it is something that is good to know.
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