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Posted By: MONOLITH Appointment and scheduling software. - 09/28/04 02:38 PM
Can anyone give any advice as to what type of scheduling/tracking software they use?

Specifically, if you run a service oriented operation, your receptionist must log in and schedule calls, etc.

What is a good program for inputing and tracking that information?
I'm also interested in this. We've outgrown our current system.
Posted By: Edward Re: Appointment and scheduling software. - 09/28/04 10:42 PM
I am a single operator shop. I have been using Microsoft Outlook for the last 6 months and i think that has plenty of features for a small service company.
You can do scheduling,
Description of work/service,
Details in the service call,
Then you can link it to your Palm Pilot which enables you to have your schedule with you all the time.

Maybe others sparkies who have bigger companies can give you better advice.

Posted By: DougW Re: Appointment and scheduling software. - 10/01/04 03:30 PM
The wife got me using Outlook a few months back as well... specifically because it links to a pocket PC.
Posted By: Dallas Re: Appointment and scheduling software. - 10/01/04 04:51 PM
Has anyone tried the Vision Infosoft's T&M Billing/Scheduling software? Supposedly it does scheduling and T&M billing for service calls.

Outlook works fairly well for me alone, but I'd like to find something more than one guy can use without a lot of confusion over who's supposed to be doing what.
Posted By: Jim M Re: Appointment and scheduling software. - 10/02/04 04:09 PM
You might want to look at

This was advertised in the September Electrical Contracting Products. It is a scheduling and dispatch application.
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