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Posted By: aldav53 Rock lights - 09/23/04 10:46 PM
Does anyone know where I might find outdoor lights shaped like a rock? There is a flood light socket and flood bulb that goes in the center of the rock shape and sets on the ground to shine up to a subdivision entrance sign. Dont know the brand.
Posted By: Kelley Re: Rock lights - 09/23/04 11:28 PM
off the top of my head try Hadco lighting. they are stricly exterior lighting /landscape fixture manufacturer
Posted By: chi spark Re: Rock lights - 09/24/04 12:03 AM
or here:
Posted By: NJ Wireman Re: Rock lights - 09/24/04 12:52 AM
that site you just listed is great what a selection!!
Posted By: Jim M Re: Rock lights - 09/24/04 12:55 AM
Try this also

look near the bottom of the page.
Posted By: aldav53 Re: Rock lights - 09/24/04 05:12 AM
Great, Thanks!
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