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Panelboard Under Water

Posted By: Frank Cinker

Panelboard Under Water - 09/20/04 12:17 PM

Several of our Municipal firehouses have panelboards under water. After the water recedes what is the common procedure for restoring power?
After wiping off the busbars etc. of mud and drying with cloth, I'm considering placing a large floor stand fan in front of it to expedite the drying process.
Any other ideas?
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Panelboard Under Water - 09/20/04 02:37 PM

Your intentions sound "good", BUT in my opinion you are asking for trouble down the road.

Common practice in this area is to replace any electrical equipment that has been in contact with flood waters. (Some large switchgear is the exception, pending FACTORY authorization)

Floodwaters contain a wide varitey of substances (toxic and otherwise) that can result in 'problems' after the fact. There's another thread around on a forum that has a link, or two to NEMA info.

Posted By: JBD

Re: Panelboard Under Water - 09/20/04 04:10 PM

Here is a link to information from Square D concerning flood damage. They say miniature (panelboard/loadcenter) breakers must be replaced.

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Posted By: Frank Cinker

Re: Panelboard Under Water - 09/20/04 04:57 PM

Very good information. Thank you!
Posted By: PCBelarge

Re: Panelboard Under Water - 09/20/04 09:19 PM

Nema has guidelines for water damaged equipment.

you can download it and use this to help sell your project to the consumer.


Re: Panelboard Under Water - 09/20/04 10:39 PM

Replacing the equipment is the right thing to do.

Not only is it the proper thing for the consumer, but you don't make much money just drying it out for them. [Linked Image]

After the rainy remains of Hurricane Frances came through Pennsylvania this weekend, I've been changing panels all over the place.
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