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Posted By: DougW "Infrared testing" - industrial EC question - 09/15/04 03:58 PM
Was on an inspection for the FD at a plastics recycling company, and got to talking to the property rep about electrical stuff (gee... there's a shock [Linked Image] .). He mentioned that his insurance company required "infrared testing" of their electrical system annually. Hadn't heard that term before, so I did a quick topic search on IR.

Is this like the "whole system" thermal imaging that requires FLIR that was discussed in other posts here, or could it be done with a non-contact IR thermometer?

I was basically wondering if I should look into rental costs and start offering this as a service as an entry to industrial maintenance.

Thanks for any input,


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Doug, Yes to is this like the whole system. FLIR is a brand of infrared camera. Made in Sweden distributed in the USA out of Billerica, Ma. I use a FLIR P-40 camera. You can use a non contact IR thermometer. They will not be as accurate. My employers FLIR cost new $45,000.00 . You will also need training to do the testing. FLIR puts on courses throughout the country. There are 3 levels of Certified Infrared Therographer. I will get you their website.

Recently we have done IR for clients because of insurance companies. Some of the larger New England companies are requiring this to maintain your insurance policy. The type of imaging report the insurance companies are looking for is : start at main switchgear and go thur all electrical equipment related to distribution of power thur facility.
Sorry for the long post. Any info you need e-mail me.

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Doug, go to lots of info for you. Al

Thanks for the info.
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