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Posted By: BigB Square remodel cans - 08/24/04 02:20 AM
Has anyone seen a remodel can in a 9 inch square, IC rated model? I have a customer that specifically wants the square recessed lights, I can't talk them into round. They must be both remodel and IC rated. Any help will be appreciated.
Posted By: caselec Re: Square remodel cans - 08/24/04 02:35 AM
I have never seen any remodel type square recessed lights in IC or NON-IC. I think you are going to be out of luck here. All of the square IC housings I have seen are of the double wall design so there is no way they could be installed from below the ceiling.

Good luck!

Posted By: hbiss Re: Square remodel cans - 08/24/04 02:40 AM
No but I can't see why the standard cans can't be used in a remodel. Cut the hole, screw some cleats on opposite sides of the hole inside the sheetrock, install the fixture and screw it to the cleats. Yes, you may have to patch the screw heads in the ceiling.


Oops! Forget that, I forgot about the IC requirement.

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Posted By: LK Re: Square remodel cans - 08/24/04 02:55 AM
Thank you for the trip back to the 50's , just about every finished basement, had square recess fixtures installed. Might find them in an antique shop.
Posted By: e57 Re: Square remodel cans - 08/24/04 03:16 AM
Prepare to pay though the nose, and I personally hate this companies idea of quality 9for what you pay), but...
Posted By: KennyFrank Re: Square remodel cans - 08/24/04 10:25 AM
I seem to remember Lightolier having square downlights, and I believe they were available in a remodel configuration, since the job we needed them for was a partial remodel. They would be pretty stinking expensive, 4 cell parabolic louver I think.
Posted By: Electric Eagle Re: Square remodel cans - 08/24/04 02:28 PM
How about a round remodel can with a square trim. Elite makes one. I looked on the web site and can't find it, but I'm looking at it in a catalog right now. Here's the web site, you might call them.
Posted By: BigB Re: Square remodel cans - 08/25/04 02:17 AM
Thanks for all the help.
Eagle that was a good site. I sent away for their catalog.
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