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Posted By: Kennyvp Work Shirts - 08/14/04 05:45 PM
I am looking to find out some thoughts on how people feel about company shirts teeshirts polos etc. I work for a company that does not use them now. Everyone wheres jeans and some teeshirt they have? i think it looks messy , we do alot of res. work as well as light comm. Anythoughts.
Posted By: Kennyvp Re: Work Shirts - 08/14/04 06:00 PM
must fix my own spelling that would be (wears)!
Posted By: Topher Re: Work Shirts - 08/14/04 06:08 PM
I'm opposed. If you're gonna make your guys wear them please buy cotton. Buy a couple and see if they are tall enough so their butt doesn't hang out. An extra $3-4 dollars might be money well spent so whoever your trying to impress doesn't see your logo on a shirt that doesn't cover someone's bum. At that point you would have defeated the purpose.
Posted By: Roger Re: Work Shirts - 08/14/04 06:50 PM
I personally like the idea. I will go along with Topher and the cotton, this is an OSHA requirement for some aspects of electrical work and regardless synthetic is dangerous in more than just fire, it also seems to prohibit evaporation of perspiration for cooling the body.

We have a few large accounts (hospitals and manufacturers) that prohibit any writing, logo's, or symbols on any clothing with the exception of company logos.

This helps some of the "not so bright", "arrogant", or "striving to be rude" employees know how to dress for work and actually for society in general. [Linked Image]

If anyone is using Internet Explorer go here,

for a nice spell checker.

Posted By: PCBelarge Re: Work Shirts - 08/14/04 06:52 PM
When I was in contracting, if my men did not wear the company tshirts, they were sent home. No holes permitted in their pants, shirt sleeves could not be cut and work boots, no sneakers. I also did not permit hats worn backwards. When we worked in private homes, no radios on the job. Pretty simple and always followed. A couple of the guys who worked for me and now in their own business, practice the same dress code [Linked Image]

Posted By: DougW Re: Work Shirts - 08/14/04 07:22 PM
I've worn tees on the job, but they were always clean, no holes, and no offensive logos or slogans (unless of course you're a Harley hater [Linked Image] )

Usually wore flannel / chamois in the winter as an over shirt. I got hired too late to get any of the EC's printed shirts, and then he went under. (sigh)

Am looking at having a friend in the Madison WI area screen me a couple of shirts with my own logo on 'em, for promotional and work use.

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Posted By: Electric Eagle Re: Work Shirts - 08/14/04 09:15 PM
We give our employees each 5 logo t-shirts for the new work guys and 5 polo style shirts for the service guys. If they show up with another shirt on or if the company shirt is obviously dirty, they have to buy a new shirt or they don't work. I think giving them 5 for free is plenty, they can wash clothes once a week.

We thought about using a uniform service and having the employees pay for it, but decided to purchase instead. Our shirts are 100% cotton and high quality. The T's only cost us about $6.50 ea, but the polo's are more like $24.
Posted By: capt al Re: Work Shirts - 08/14/04 09:19 PM
I work for a large EC in the New England area. We wear cotton tees provided by the company. We recieve 5 new shirts each year.
Also 2 new sweatshirts each fall.

Recently my service dept. recieved polo shirts with company logo and our first name. They are also cotton. If you decide to go with company shirts please buy cotton!!!
Posted By: sparky806 Re: Work Shirts - 08/15/04 12:00 AM
We supply are guys with 11 short sleeve button up shirts,6 long sleeve button up shirts,11 pairs of jeans, 1 long sleeve light weight cover all, winter coat(new one each year) Carhart bibs, assorted co. logo T-shirts, hats etc. The owner really likes to see the Co. name everywhere.
Posted By: e57 Re: Work Shirts - 08/15/04 02:21 AM
Just got our new shirts, everyone hates them! Burgandy knit Polo shirts.... Ick!

These thing will be dirt magnets, and pink after a few washings with rock dust.

Before you order, maybe do some opinion research with your crew.

But for Resi and Commercial, depending on climate, a simple t-shirt will work. A guy I used to work for had tool vests with a logo, those were hip. If I had known someone were ordering shirts, I would have suggested it.

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Posted By: Electric Eagle Re: Work Shirts - 08/15/04 02:50 AM
As e57 said:
"Before you order, maybe do some opinion research with your crew"

One time we(I) decided that yellow t-shirts with our logo in green would be nice. Just about everyone hated them, I even grew to hate them. It wasn't a month before the guys were wearing non company shirts most of the time.
Posted By: JCooper Re: Work Shirts - 08/15/04 03:48 PM
My employer issues blue polo shirts with our logo on them to the installers and the service techs. I think the polo shirts are nice for the service guys but the installers wreck them pretty quick, get torn up in a ceiling, pvc glue stuck on them, and just general funk working in old buildings, it also doesn't help that they are cotton poly blend. They used to have normal cotton tshirts with the logo on them which were great, I still have two or three of them, but the owner felt that the polo shirts were a cleaner look. We also get sweat shirts and jackets once a year if you need new ones. The polo shirts we keep in the office so if you need another one all you have to do is ask.
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