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Posted By: GETELECTRIC footware - 08/09/04 06:59 PM
what is your favourite work shoe or boot?
Posted By: Jim M Re: footware - 08/09/04 10:21 PM
Stilletos, sorry couldn't resist.

Did you really mean for electric work?
Posted By: golf junkie Re: footware - 08/09/04 11:28 PM
Wolverine durashocks.

Currently wearing Carolina's, but I won't buy another pair.

Have also worn Red Wings in the past with good results, they always discontinue the models that I like and are a few bucks more than the durashocks.
Posted By: Megawatt Re: footware - 08/10/04 02:28 AM
"Durashocks" also, very good all around boot !
Posted By: e57 Re: footware - 08/10/04 04:36 AM
Doc Martin's Industrial steel toe slip on sneakers! Bouncing soles and really light!
Posted By: Big Jim Re: footware - 08/10/04 04:46 AM
Doc Martins give the best comfort and support of any shoe I've tried in the last several years.
Posted By: SolarPowered Re: footware - 08/10/04 05:38 AM
Since I have very narrow feet, my only choices are New Balance 991s or Allen Edmonds dress shoes. Which ones I wear depends on the client.
Posted By: KennyFrank Re: footware - 08/10/04 11:21 AM
Redwing work boots - I have a pair that is 17 or 18 years old, stitching is finally going, but not surprising after all that time in mud snow salt snow salt and more salt, let alone drywall dust, oil, grease, and the dogs using them for a chew toy. They are still very very comfortable, and there have been times I've been in them for 50-55 hours straight (snowplowing). For 'pretty work', the best I've ever had are Florsheim - still comfortable even when on your feet for 12-16 hours at a stretch like at a convention.
Posted By: GETELECTRIC Re: footware - 08/10/04 11:42 AM
Thanks for the advice as you know that the shoe you wear is very important.i have noticed a lot of construction electricians now wearing the ironworkers boot and say there great,just looks like to many laces for me.
Posted By: KennyFrank Re: footware - 08/10/04 04:44 PM
...'too many laces'... hahaha
Wanna go ride bikes?
Posted By: Ryan_J Re: footware - 08/10/04 04:56 PM
I like Merrell's personally. [Linked Image]
[Linked Image from]
Posted By: Attic Rat Re: footware - 08/14/04 03:26 AM
... Timberland Pro,...they are very comfy,and supposedly protect you up to 600 volts,..(uh,..dry of course) [Linked Image from] ..mine are black with grey trim,...non-steel-toe

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Posted By: walrus Re: footware - 08/14/04 03:24 PM
In the winter, Red Wing gore tex insulated, warm and dry feet in a Maine winter makes a rather large difference in ones day.
In the summer, New Balance. In fact I just got back from the New Balance tent sale. 300 plus dollars later for a family of large fat feet [Linked Image] New Balance rules for footware especailly when you wear a 16 4E [Linked Image]
Posted By: John Steinke Re: footware - 08/15/04 05:46 AM
Real work shoes generally work best for me. Here are some thoughts:
-I prefer slip-on to lace up boots. My lace-ups typically end near the ankle (mid-rise).
-A very stiff shank, as found in many "coyboy" boots, is very comfortable if your work has you either standing on concrete, or up on a ladder all day.
-Steel toes can be cold in winter.
-Summer boots need to breath a lot. Look at the leather/fabric combos.
-Rough job sites call for boots with some serious sole tread!
-Sneakers- especially the "Vans" or 'skateboard' type, work well in offices, and for crawling around.

Finally, have at least two pair, and switch off daily.
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