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Posted By: Limerance Insulation covering junction boxes - 07/31/04 07:57 PM
Several years ago I did a lot of rewiring in the attic with junction boxes and thinwall and then fishing down the walls with romex. Now I would like to cover the attic floor with batts and/or blown-in insulation.

How can I mark the location of the junction boxes which will be covered with insulation----dowels, stakes, what??????
Posted By: earlydean Re: Insulation covering junction boxes - 07/31/04 11:34 PM
Whatever works for you. I like red plastic burial tape stapled to the trusses or joists and tied to the cable or pipe below the box.
Posted By: Dave55 Re: Insulation covering junction boxes - 08/04/04 02:10 AM
This isn't quite answering your question, Limerace, but I go in attics where the boxes are almost always buried under insulation. Usually I can follow the thinwall to the boxes. It sounds like your own place. You could draw yourself a plan & staple it to the scuttle hole cover.

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