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Posted By: durant Do I need a CAT-3 meter. - 07/19/04 12:24 AM
I do apt.maint.& was wondering if using a CAT-2 meter is enough,or do I need a CAT-3?
Posted By: Edward Re: Do I need a CAT-3 meter. - 07/19/04 05:45 AM
What is a CAT-2 meter?

Posted By: sparkystudent Re: Do I need a CAT-3 meter. - 07/19/04 11:04 AM
I am understanding you to be asking about the division or category in relation to the power supply category 2 being from the panel and toward the interior, cat 3 is for the area outside pole and meter socket fluke has a small diagram that breakes these areas down rather well. if you do maintainance and deal with a wide range of electrical ( hopefully all within your licensing and abilities)there are several nice selections would recommend ( go to basic test or the digital meters under the products list
(dont know how to post a direct link or i would) can anyone explaine that please?

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Posted By: NJwirenut Re: Do I need a CAT-3 meter. - 07/19/04 12:42 PM
The rating you need on your meter essentially depends on how close to the service entrance you will be working. The category rating system is explained very well here:

(PDF reader required)
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