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Posted By: Sharp51482 GE Modular Dimming System - 07/17/04 09:24 PM

I am in desperate need of a wiring diagram for a General Electric Modular Dimming System. The model number is DIR20A, and it's using the DUC1A control, for single phase. These are older units, the ones I am working on are dated 1977. Any help would be greatly appricated. I am unable to find any information on these units at all.

Posted By: Edward Re: GE Modular Dimming System - 07/17/04 10:13 PM
CAll Randy Torres at the electrical distributors. 408-293-5818

He might be able to help. He showed me an old GE lighting control catalog which he refused to give it out because it is a very old copy and it is the only copy that they have. He will be able to send you copies.

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