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Posted By: leespark Securing MC - 07/03/04 08:36 PM
An office space I am wiring will have a drop ceiling hung just 6" below a concrete deck. There are many branch circuits that will be running above the ceiling in MC cable. I'm wondering what others would use to attach the MC to the concrete deck? I know Caddy has many neat products for securing cable/conduits, any thoughts?

Posted By: hbiss Re: Securing MC - 07/04/04 03:04 AM
Six inches really doesn't give you much room. The Caddy stuff is good but less expensive are plain old one hole straps. Shoot em with a Hilti gun.

Posted By: earlydean Re: Securing MC - 07/04/04 11:58 AM
Brindle hooks
Posted By: leespark Re: Securing MC - 07/04/04 03:10 PM
Thanks for the replies.

What are brindle hooks? I did a Google search and came up empty.

Posted By: NJwirenut Re: Securing MC - 07/04/04 03:13 PM
I think he meant "bridle rings"....

Stll, using these would be more work than shooting straps with a Hilti.

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Posted By: iwire Re: Securing MC - 07/04/04 03:24 PM
Caddy makes them in a few sizes for MC support they are nothing more than a loop of heavy wire solid 8 or 10 steel made into a hook.

With only 6" I do not think bridal rings will help much.

I would shoot in one hole clips like Hal said or just shoot in some shots to use metal tie wire with.

I often use steel 'bailing wire' to tie MC to what ever, this is the same wire the cement guys use to tie re bars.

The advantage to this is you can keep the wires tight to the cement.

I would not even think about this job without some sort of powder actuated tool.

Posted By: Ryan_J Re: Securing MC - 07/04/04 04:54 PM
I always liked to use Caddy Mac2's, but they probably are more than a 3/8" one-hole.

[Linked Image from]
Posted By: electure Re: Securing MC - 07/04/04 08:40 PM
What kind of deck is above?
You've got to be careful.

We do work on post-tension concrete decks that can only have 5/8" deep anchors put into them once they're poured, unless they're x-rayed first...S
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Securing MC - 07/05/04 08:38 PM
Scott (electure)'s got a point with the post tension decks... Incredibly easy to void a warranty & make it your own on those things.... (The only post tension deck I worked around, had threaded anchors sunk into it while wet... Came back & bolted strut on.. Easy [Linked Image] )
I've done the Ramset & one holes before while running home runs down concrete corridors... Fast, clean & economical (As long as you use the right power of shot [Linked Image] )
I have seen brackets similar to the ones that Ryan shows hung on concrete with some sort of epoxy or resin.. thereby not penetrating the concrete at all... I've never used it before, but if you have something that's going to be really finicky in the way you can penetrate, it sounds like one of the best options..

good luck
Posted By: iwire Re: Securing MC - 07/05/04 08:51 PM
Fast, clean & economical (As long as you use the right power of shot)

That's for sure, sometimes it can be quite frustrating with old concrete. [Linked Image]

I don't see any pour in place pretensioned floors around here, just pre-cast planks once in a while.

The most common method around here is just plain old concrete with mesh reinforcing.

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