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Posted By: trekkie76 service bonding - 06/24/04 09:48 PM
hello all, I have a question about bonding. I have an existing 120/208 3ph service, 400 amps in a bank. we are there to fix code voilations so the local inspector can sign off before the new occupants can come in. the problem is there are 5 panels fed from an aux. gutter, and no bonding bushings. There are insulating bushings, and all of the conduit is ridgid or emt, my question is can I bond the conduits outside the aux. gutter, just clamp to each pipe? I just don't want to tear into the taps!! Any advice would be appreciated.
Posted By: electricman2 Re: service bonding - 06/24/04 11:08 PM
Tomas & Betts makes a grounding wedge for this use. Here is the link. .It is available in 1/2 to 6 inch.
Posted By: trekkie76 Re: service bonding - 06/24/04 11:18 PM
those things are exactly what I need!! thanks for the link!!
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