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Posted By: Zapped Sub in Garage - 06/19/04 01:26 AM
Any code problems with putting an 125A sub panel in a garage? If so, could somebody site the section please?
Posted By: Electric Eagle Re: Sub in Garage - 06/19/04 01:29 AM
Not a problem at all. If the garage is a detached building, it needs its own grounding system.
Posted By: caselec Re: Sub in Garage - 06/19/04 01:41 AM
If its an attached garage don't put it in the firewall.
Posted By: techgod Re: Sub in Garage - 06/19/04 03:07 AM
If it is a detached garage it needs its own main breaker/disconnect 225.30 (Some AHJ's require this be on the exterior), and a EGC going back to the main house panel in addition to the grounding system at the garage. 250.32(A)

Mark Stetson
Posted By: Zapped Re: Sub in Garage - 06/19/04 05:39 AM
Thanks for the rapid replies. The garage is attached, and my proposed location for the sub is on the wall between the garage and the interior of the house. Is this going to be a problem?

Thanks again!
Posted By: e57 Re: Sub in Garage - 06/19/04 08:51 AM
Check for the fire wall rating, some local codes will require a 1, or 2 hour rating for a wall from a garage to dwelling space. Condo's especially! So in this case your openings would need to be of a certain (small TBA) size. Depanding on the fire code. Or you'll have to go with a surface panel. In some cases like this I'll have the general put up the rock where the panel will be, put a 14x14x4 box above it, stub all the cable evenly in a pattern into the back of it. (2 for larger circuit counts) Then a 2 1/2" nipple into the panel. This way, it's a pattern of small holes, (that you can feed and chalk from the back) as opposed to a 14x36" hole. Theres nothing sillier than a rock box, and chaulk for a panel!

I put cans in cieling that i didn't know was going to be fire rated once, boy was that a mistake!
Posted By: triple Re: Sub in Garage - 06/21/04 09:22 PM
Techgod, a separate EGC is not needed from the house to a detached garage as long as there are no other metallic connections between the two buildings (TV, phone, water pipe, etc...). However, I personally would never run only three wire for a detached garage (I doubt that any licensed/informed electrician would).
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