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Posted By: SJT Alum. wire - 06/10/04 06:53 PM
I'll be buying a new house soon, and would you believe that it's wired in Aluminum? The present owner told me, Oh, I had it pigtailed. I told him, that the Al. is history. The first thing after I open the front door and become a new happy homeowner will be to start to re wire with copper. Should be intresting, but fun, working on my own place.
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Alum. wire - 06/11/04 03:06 AM
A new house with aluminum branch circuits?? I've come across a few newer homes where some of the larger stuff (range, sub-panels, etc.) will be wired with aluminum.. But I've yet to see a house newer than the early 80's with aluminum for branch circuit wiring! [Linked Image]

Posted By: SJT Re: Alum. wire - 06/11/04 06:53 PM
What I meant was I'll be moving from one house to another. I'm sorry if you thought I meant Brand new. This new house was built in 1974.
Posted By: Bjarney Re: Alum. wire - 06/12/04 01:36 AM
Seems like 30-year old aluminum branch-circuit wiring could be a major bargaining chip in price negotiation.

It's also probably the extra-funky "old" 1350-alloy wiring.

It may pay to be triple-extra-cautious about any circuit loading until you knew exactly what to expect in the house.
Posted By: Radar Re: Alum. wire - 06/14/04 08:17 PM
I'll second that last item. Pigtails or no, you can bet on some loose connections in the branch circuit wiring.

Posted By: :andy: Re: Alum. wire - 06/14/04 10:03 PM
See the needed reinstallation that way - you can always trust the stuff most that you installed yourself.
Posted By: DougW Re: Alum. wire - 06/14/04 11:00 PM
I hope it's all conduit...

Please tell me it's conduit...
Posted By: SJT Re: Alum. wire - 06/15/04 07:02 PM
It should be a lot of fun, to re-wire my own place. I have a son who is a young teenager, and I want to introduce him to the trade. I hope he takes to it, and if not he'll have a good trade to fall back on. It will be a good renovation to start on.
Posted By: wa2ise Re: Alum. wire - 06/16/04 05:29 AM
I've heard that there exists a special crimp-on pigtail designed for aluminium wire. Requires a special tool and training. Heard that it works well. Also there's special wirenuts, but have heard that they do not work well at all. describes it better than I can.
Posted By: SJT Re: Alum. wire - 06/16/04 06:56 PM
If the alum. wiring was to stay in the walls, like that of a customer, I would use the devices that are designed for Alum. wiring. Switches, and outlets. If I had to extend any conductors for splicing purposes, I would use the approved wirenut with the penetrox inside.
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