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Posted By: Delectric 50hz Dryer - 05/22/04 05:01 PM
I am doing some work for a customer who purchased a very expensive dryer while living in Germany. They now reside here in California. The dryer is not drying at all and it seems to me that it would even though its 230v 50 HZ, any ideas?
Posted By: Ron Re: 50hz Dryer - 05/23/04 12:57 AM
The frequency difference will only affect the timer.
The voltage difference will surely affect the heater output.
Is it connected 120V or 240V, where it is today?
Posted By: hbiss Re: 50hz Dryer - 05/23/04 01:13 AM
230v/50hz and 230v/60hz shouldn't matter. Are you sure you have it wired right?

Posted By: Hutch Re: 50hz Dryer - 05/23/04 02:03 AM
Although the heating elements and motors should be ok on 60Hz the electronics that select (program) these items often are not, especially if there are oscillators involved e.g. timing circuits.

I have experience of a colleague who took 230V 50Hz white goods to Brazil (230V 60Hz) and none of it worked.
Posted By: pauluk Re: 50hz Dryer - 05/23/04 09:21 AM
The frequency could be a problem with some types of electronic timer circuits. Some derive their timing by dividing down the power-line frequency, others use an internal oscillator and aren't affected. Mechanical timers using a 50Hz synchronous motor will run fast on 60Hz of course.

Presumably the original line and neutral wires of the dryer have been properly connected across the two hots?
Posted By: Delectric Re: 50hz Dryer - 05/25/04 12:29 AM
I haven't had a chance to check the actual terminations but I just wanted to hear from some of you on this problem and I have a feeling it's like most of you said that its affecting the timing circuit. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
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