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Posted By: dougwells Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/19/04 07:11 PM
Just got the sales flyer for the week. They are Advertising buy a Hot Tub and get a free Electrical Permit?. Says to see instore for further details.

Wow wonder if that would include the service upgrade and a free load calculation on the home to see if the sevice can handle a added load.

wondering if anyone else has seen this marketing ploy.
Posted By: CTwireman Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/19/04 07:34 PM
Why don't we just call it Home Depot from now on? "Big Orange" is getting a little tired. I mean, I know how people feel, but it's not dirty to say "Home Depot." [Linked Image]

Doug, Is a licensed electrician doing the work (where required)?

Posted By: hbiss Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/19/04 11:43 PM
How about "Home Despot"? One of my favorites.

Posted By: dougwells Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/20/04 12:43 AM
Hi CT Wireman
When I get a chance I will check it out. I Have seen some home improvments that they market like replace hot water tanks,windows and AC units. I have not seen where they have Contractors for electrical yet. Here in British Columbia if you are in the water pump business you can actually get a restricted Electrical Contractors license only to hook up water pumps. I sure hope they do not think this includes Spas and hot tubs.
Posted By: iwire Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/20/04 01:44 AM
Home Desperate.

I know they are not pulling permits here in MA or RI.
Posted By: George Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/20/04 03:50 PM
I believe they will pay your permit fees.
Posted By: mamills Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/20/04 07:53 PM
"...Free Electrical Permit"???!!!

I wonder if they'll pay your fire insurance premium as well? [Linked Image]

In all seriousness, I hope this is really offered as an incentive to have a Licensed Electrician perform the job!

Mike (mamills)

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Posted By: mvpmaintman Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/20/04 09:35 PM
Having been a Home Depot employee, (yes, yes) I know that the company policy is to use only licensed and bonded installers for all company installations. I haven't seen the flyer for the free permit either, but I'll have to check it out.

I know that in the store that I worked in, we had three licensed electricians, including a master who was the department head for electrical. Two of the people in the plumbing department (including me) carried a plumbing license or a EPA cert or both.

Unfortunately, not everyone is safety minded, whether they hold a license or not. The Home Depot training is fairly good, actually.

As with anything a consumer can buy themselves, people will do just about anything after they leave the store.

I could probably start a whole board of horror stories, but...
Posted By: hbiss Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/20/04 11:48 PM
As with anything a consumer can buy themselves, people will do just about anything after they leave the store.

Which is precisely the argument for not selling electrical supplies to DIYer's. This is like a drug store selling drugs without a prescription- it's dangerous and can kill.

Posted By: CTwireman Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/21/04 01:04 AM
Hal, I agree with you completely, but let's be realistic, we live in America, land of the free, and it will be a cold day in you-know-where when electrical suplies are not sold in retail stores.

Most wholesalers will sell all their products to homeowners and other non-professionals, as they are motivated by the high profit cash sales. Believe me, I know first hand from working at this large distributor.


As Bob said they apparently aren't getting permits in our area (southern New England). I have read the fine print in their flyers which include license numbers, but I think this is for the AC systems and doors/windows.

"Home Desperate" sounds good, as they seem to be desperate for customers, since they still have a ton of competition out there. Lowes is giving them a good butt kicking too.

Posted By: Jps1006 Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/21/04 01:12 AM
oh, I thought it was deperate because you just realized you are missing one small part to finish the job, home depot is around the corner and the supply house is a 45 min. drive.
Posted By: John Steinke Re: Big Orange Store Flyer - 05/22/04 12:57 AM
Let's face it- the retail/ DIY business is here to stay.
I'd just as soon spend my time in more demanding electrical tasks than the plug in/ unplug duties that Carnegie Hall electricians have.
That does not mean that there are not problems with DIY work. Some of my business comes from cleaning up DIY work (or that of 'maintenance men.')
It is unconscionable the practice some stores have of taking inexperienced, untrained employees, showing them a tape, then asking them to present themselves as experts, and give 'clinics.'

Moreover, these retailers help keep the trade suppliers on their toes. Here, the "world's largest electrical suppler" can't be bothered to stock the ground rods our local code requires, in-the-ground boxes, or 2-gang outdoor in-use covers! The folks at the retailers love that!
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