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Posted By: seattleman plenum question - 05/15/04 12:11 AM
A guy was talking about some lonwork transformer being above the t-grid having to be plenum rated.

I thought a plenum was a duct or airway. What kinds of things have to be plenum rated and is above the t grid in an office a plenum?

I also remember a guy talking about have tie wraps used above the t grid had to be plenum rated. I'm not familar with this.
Posted By: Ryan_J Re: plenum question - 05/15/04 12:47 AM
Basically, everything has to be plenum rated if its in a plenum ceiling. [Linked Image]
Posted By: resqcapt19 Re: plenum question - 05/15/04 12:50 AM
Look at 300.22(C).
Posted By: ProCircuit Re: plenum question - 05/15/04 01:02 AM
Panduit makes Plenum rated tie wraps
Posted By: maintenanceguy Re: plenum question - 05/15/04 01:03 AM
Sometimes the space above a drop ceiling is used as the return air plenum. If so, everything in the ceiling has to be plenum rated. Sometimes the space below a floor or in a wall can be used this way too.
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