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S.C. coastal area

Posted By: ga.sparky56

S.C. coastal area - 05/10/04 01:56 AM

Any SC electricians here? I'm curious as to what the pay scale is in the coastal area for residential,or running a service truck.

Mostly the Charleston,Georgetown,Myrtle Beach area.

Posted By: arseegee

Re: S.C. coastal area - 05/12/04 01:40 AM

I have worked some in Hilton Head and they get about double for what we get in south GA. The inspectors are h#ll but the work is worth it.

I stay so busy here at home it's hard to make the drive to the coast not to mention the price of fuel these days.
Posted By: ga.sparky56

Re: S.C. coastal area - 05/13/04 12:12 AM

Thanks Arseegee. [Linked Image]
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