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Posted By: Ron Hoback Halo Recessed Lights - 04/21/04 01:15 PM
What is the best method of securing a Halo H7 recessed fixtures to s suspended ceiling grid T-bar? What tool is best for cutting out the holes? I have a Greenlee adjustable hole saw, and it isn't that great.
Thanks, Ron
Posted By: iwire Re: Halo Recessed Lights - 04/21/04 02:05 PM
Here is a bar made by Caddy but B-Line makes them too.

[Linked Image from]

Go here.

They have one that fits the Halo H-7

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Posted By: ElectricAL Re: Halo Recessed Lights - 04/21/04 02:32 PM
I think you'll find the the H7 support bars (if you buy the H7 in the 24" length - instead of for 16" OC framing) will already be notched and ready for mounting on the ceiling grid.

The only extra items needed are the screws and ties.

The hole saw sounds good.

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Posted By: SteveMc Re: Halo Recessed Lights - 04/21/04 08:38 PM
I used a Roto-zip with the circle cutter attachment the last time I had to cut ceiling tiles. We set them on top of a garbage can, really keeps the job neat. I bought one of the Ideal adjustable hole saws, it's sucks, big waste of money. Greenlee does make a non-adjustable hole saw if you have a lot of tiles to cut. Someone told me (in this forum) to run the drill in reverse for better control.
Posted By: iwire Re: Halo Recessed Lights - 04/21/04 08:49 PM
I had a 6 7/8" Lenox hole saw that worked great, it did not have teeth it had an abrasive grit.

But I loaned it out and that was the last I saw of it. [Linked Image]

<IMG SRC=\"\">

Click on the Hole Saw. [Linked Image]
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