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Posted By: Electric Eagle Any Florida EC's - 04/18/04 02:01 PM
I'm a Georgia EC and 2 of my contractors also build residential in Florida. They want us to do their work in FLA also. We looked at it a year or 2 ago and didn't at that time. Now they seem to want to make it worth the extra effort. It appears on the surface that my license should be good in FLA.

Can you tell me anything I might want to know before I try this?

Are there any strict codes that increase material or labor cost? (This is panhandle, beach areas)

Permit costs?

What is diferent from what I might be used to in GA?

If you're willing to share, how do you price residential work in your area? Feel free to email me if you don't want to post this.

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Electric Eagle Re: Any Florida EC's - 04/19/04 11:44 PM

Posted By: CTwireman Re: Any Florida EC's - 04/19/04 11:58 PM
Here is some good info.

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